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Recycling Memories as Art

I am truly  blessed! It have been a good year for me here at the TBGH Den. I have been kept very busy in creating many new bears, and had the joy  of seeing  the treasured memories come to life for many of you, when first viewing your bears.                          The beauty around us!

Once again this year we had a great time at, The Christmas Craft Fair

“JoneSee Photo’s” ~ Our booth showcased a collection of Gallery-quality photo’s From the island of Newfoundland to the Northern Inuit culture, our photo’s expressed our perceptions and emotions and we enjoyed sharing them with others.                                        

Thank you to all that dropped by to look, comment on and buy our photos, we were very encouraged. We welcome your comments or questions by emailing us at ~ jonesee@eastlink.ca

Christmas; the season of Peace, Joy and Love, that is what I wish for you. May the Peace of the Christ Child fill your hearts. May the Joy of His gift of Salvation be open to you. And may His Love carry you through the new year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 


Thank you again for trusting me with your treasured garments. I will still be at my bears this winter So please call or email if you are looking to have a bear created. Please  post a comment, [link on comments just below the “Teddy Bear Family”] or drop me an e-mail [tbgh@eastlink.ca]. I enjoy hearing from you here at the den.

I operate from my home at Blaketown, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. In my work room, each one-of-a-kind bear is professionally hand-sewn with love, especially for each of my customers. The location of my home, overlooks  a wooded pond area. It provides the perfect inspiration to lovingly and uniquely create each bear, giving each its own personality. The peaceful setting adds to the “heart” of each and every bear.

Living in small, isolated towns, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers learned to be skilled in needle work. They sewed, knitted, crocheted, tatted, and embroidered for their families, their homes, and their churches. Using these traditional skills, I cut out and hand sew each of my bears.

I know there are large numbers of people with old wool blankets, coats, sweaters, baby blankets, and many other forgotten treasures in their closets, attics and basements. I would like to chat with you about bringing new life to these items as teddy bears, so that they can sit in a place of honour, as nostalgic reminders of days gone by and of a special loved one or loved ones. Please phone or e-mail if you would like to chat. I assure you that great care and love will be taken in handling your treasured keepsake.

My desire is for my teddy bears to bring as much joy to my customers as I find in creating them. And that my customers will recall or experience an important part of their past each time they look at or hug their bears. 

If  you would like more information about my Bears here at the TBGH Den please e-mail me at; tbgh@eastlink.ca





Please share your bear stories by writing comments.

Teddy Bear Family

Teddy Bear Family


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